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  • Earn a 10% Commission For Each Sale you Refer.
  • We Provide all marketing materials.
  • There is No Cap on Your Earnings.
  • Easily Access Your Clicks and Commissions.
  • No-Minimum payout
  • Commission checks will be sent out on a monthly basis,you will be sent your check in 28th each mouths via paypal

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will I receive my commission checks?

    Commission checks will be sent out on a monthly basis,you will be sent your check in 28th each mouths via paypal,and there is No-Minimum payout

  2. What method that i promotion your affiliate links and earing?

      We Provide all the marketing materials. include: of keywords that we research: that means it is the target customer search from google and other search can

    using these produts keywords with your Affiliate links to your blog,website,article,anything that your can use.

    b.Materials of picture and video from us. we have professional Creative Dream Works Team to design and take Original photos/video Works from our lighting poject,lighting Fair,all the picture will update in your member area,you can using them to share to facebook,twitter,pinterest,sharing these videos to youtube,even from your local media sharing site,anywhere as you can,all this is free to use and you can earing profits from us.

    c.make a review from our products
    throught your affiliate links and share to facebook and twitter,when i visiter click the links from us and buy,you get the money

  3. What is your value proposition?

    Our concept of light and pursuit:Light is not only for illumination but also the channel for people to communicate.
    So we will arrange the light position and brightness precisely.
    How much light is just right?
    Decent brightness with right position can create right atmosphere and relatively a sense of independent space.
    Light should be where light is needed,keep clear and not to interfere other functional area.

  4. Do you have exclusive products?

    All the products are exclusive global with focus control technology,accurate light distribution technology and the light direction adjustable technology as a LED lighting innovator and cultivator specialist in LED spotlight.Light can move with the mind.You can DIY
    your lighting space according to your mood,will and need.You can make the light scope adjustable according to different objects.Move the light with your mind.Improve the utilization rate of light,no light is wasted.

  5. Are you the biggest seller in your market of LED lighting?

    We are the biggest seller in the markets of LED lighting for home lighting,Art Gallery lighting and so on.

  6. Do you offer special services?(e.g., free gift wrapping, free shipping, etc.)

    Yes,the special service in the holiday of some countries with discount price or free gift wrapping or free shipping.

  7. what you sell?and who your customers are?

    We sell the LED focus spotlight,LED focus track light. Our customers come from the artist,lighting designer,home decorating designer,the owner of the Museum and Art Gallery,the people who want to light their work or ornamental in their life

  8. When the customers which i reffer turn off the webpage or turn off the computer or even If cookies are turned off, will your Affiliate Program still work?

    Yes. this Affiliate Program is very redundant,it use three methods for tracking which affiliate user has sent you the sale. The first method is flash cookies. If a user tries to delete cookies from their browser, our software will still track the affiliate users, because the user will not delete the flash cookie. The next thing that we use to track users are regular cookies, if flash cookies fail. If regular cookies fail, the software tries to track the affiliate user using the IP address. As you can see, the programs have spent a lot of time making sure our software will track your affiliate users and get profits from every customers you referred

  9. what is your shop's niche market?

    Our products will be the best choices for the Museum lighting,Art Gallery lighting,Coffee bar lighting,Home decoration lighting,Living room lighting,Dining room lighting,and so on.

  10. where your customers are located?Should I promotion my afflicate wordwide?

    Yes! The worldwide,we are not limited your target buyer,and it is worldwide,once the buyer buy items from us which is your referred,we pay you the money.and it is free.
    This is a Shop wide setting, and will be applied to ALL affiliate orders.